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Due to their size and weight, commercial vehicles pose tremendous risk to their occupants and to other vehicles and pedestrians. Because commercial vehicles such as buses and limousines often carry many passengers at once, crashes involving such vehicles often result in catastrophic injuries to many people. This is especially true because such vehicles are often exempt from the usual seatbelt requirements.

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Commercial motor vehicles accidents are often full of multiple claimants competing against both the “at fault” company and also other passengers. Insurance coverage often limited and must be distributed amongst all parties injured. Public transportation creates an additional challenge, because counties and municipalities are protected by sovereign immunity, which limits the amount an injured victim can recover.

Why Navigate Your Commercial Vehicle Injury Case
with a Romano Law Group Attorney

With vast experience in multi-faceted investigations, our experienced commercial vehicle injury attorneys will explore all viable, legal solutions to ensure you and your family receive the compensation and representation you deserve.

Lack of Seatbelts

Review procedures on passenger seatbelts & active restraints

Driver Fatigue

Examine the fitness of driver & expected hours of operation

Driver Negligence

Assess the decisions made by a driver operating large vehicle

Impromper Maintenance

Analyze the maintenance routine & schedule for potential flaws

Driver Qualifications

Assess hiring process & background of commercial driver

Loading and Unloading

Determine if improper loading and unloading procedures occurred

Case Investigation

Our experienced personal injury attorneys and trusted private investigators work together to establish fault during the development of your case. 

Bus Accidents

Larger group transportation vehicles tend to have less safety devices with greater risk for damage and injury. Most of the time they provide a safe ride, but when a bus accident occurs the results can be devastating.


Whether struck by a bus or riding along as a passenger, the number of people getting injured and potentially trapped in their vehicle is higher in collisions with a bus. These accidents can directly result from driver negligence, fatigue, insufficient training, and several other preventable issues. Accidents occur most frequently in the following types of busses:

  • School transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Private coach charters
  • Stretch limo and party bus
  • Location shuttle bus
  • Sightseeing and tourist bus

Construction / Agriculture Accidents

With construction vehicles at a considerable size and weight advantage, injuries caused by such vehicles can often be catastrophic.

Safety surrounding agricultural vehicles is critical to avoid a potential collision with slow-moving or oversized equipment, especially in Florida’s ever-changing weather conditions.


  • Bulldozer and crane transport + operation
  • Encroachment of roadside construction sites
  • Crane operator & rigging issues
  • Right of way traffic management & barriers
  • Inadequate or improperly placed warning signs
  • Loading & unloading mishaps
  • Scissor, platform & cherry picker lifts
  • Debris, falling objects and projectiles

Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles are groups of motor vehicles owned or leased by a business including limousines, taxis, rental cars, police force and internet-based restaurant delivery services like GrubHub or UberEats. Identifying who is at fault requires proper legal representation with fleet vehicle experience.


  • Vehicle ownership, lease vs. owned
  • Independent contractor or corporate employee?
  • Identifying to and from off-the-clock liability
  • Lack of seatbelts/active restraints
  • Entrapment of passengers
  • Driver pressure to make quick deliveries
  • Inexperienced drivers on unfamiliar roads

Verdicts & Settlements

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