We represent victims and their families injured or killed by individual or corporate negligence or intentional actions that result in brain injury, spinal cord injury and paralysis, death, burn injury, premises liability, or aquatic accidents.
Our motor vehicle negligence, trucking crash, and motorcycle and pedestrian injury team will help ease the burdens of life’s setbacks following these crashes so that you can focus on your recovery and getting your life back to normal.
Our product liability attorneys work relentlessly to hold designers and manufacturers of defective products accountable when consumers are injured.
We fight to hold medical and pharmaceutical companies accountable when they jeopardize the health and public safety of our communities by cutting corners and failing to maintain the highest ethical standards.
When facing the critical crossroad of criminal prosecution, we will vigorously safeguard and defend your rights and your presumed innocence.

Serving nearby areas by Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida

Romano Law Group is different from other law firms. Founding attorney John Romano’s passion for his profession and commitment to justice is truly the spirit of our firm. As a past President of the Florida Justice Association and one of the country’s most recognized trial attorneys, John and his team of attorneys at Romano Law Group have built a reputation for winning the unwinnable cases-and standing up for the underdog. Because every person has a cause. They just need someone to believe in it.