Defective Products

We secure the safety of you, your family and our community through the elimination of destructive products that millions of families unknowingly put their faith in.

The Expertise You Need

Our team of attorneys leverage strong in-house investigative techniques and extensive courtroom experience to fight against high-profile corporations to not only help you seek adequate compensation, but to also remove dangerous products such as defective automobiles, unsafe cribs, contaminated food and thousands of other defective products from the marketplace.

Why Navigate with a
Romano Law Group Attorney

We help you receive compensatory damages to support your recovery and, when possible, ease your return to a healthy physical, psychological and emotional lifestyle.

Powerful Conglomerates

Combat vast resources possessed by large corporations

Access to Experts

Collaborate with expert product designers, engineers, marketing specialists, etc.

CPSC Recall Process

Identify denied and
recalled products

Class Action Lawsuits

Navigate complex Multidistrict (MDL) procedures

Liable Parties

Access the responsibility of manufacturers, product testers, distributors, marketers, etc.

Settlement Negotiations

Resolve case at fair value equivalent to pain and suffering

Case Investigation

Through extensive legal and technical investigation, we expose the negligent and intentional actions of product manufacturers, distributors and other liable stakeholders.

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