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A diagnosis of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) can be devastating for your family. Romano Law Group attorneys will always provide individualized attention to your infant formula lawsuit.

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Infant Formula, Fortifiers & Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Necrotizing Enterocolitis is a disease that primarily affects premature infants where bacteria invades the intestinal wall, causing inflammation or perforation. Portions of the intestine do not get enough oxygen, stop absorbing nutrients, malfunction, or, in many cases, die.

Premature infants are born with an immature gastrointestinal tract, making them more susceptible to disease and infection than a full term infant, such as NEC.
NEC can cause serious, lifelong health complications, and in some cases, it can be fatal.

How are cow’s milk-based formula and fortifier related to injury?

Studies have shown that there is a significant risk of developing NEC after ingestion of cow’s milk-based premature infant formula. Yet, formula companies have failed to heed the information in these widely-known studies. Cow’s milk-based premature infant formula has been on the market for years despite the risk of injury and death that follows the diagnosis of NEC.
Further, there are often no warnings on these products to advise physicians, nurses, and hospital staff of the consequences of feeding premature infants cow’s milk based formula.

Signs & Symptoms

How do I know if my child is affected? If your baby was born premature and suffered from these symptoms, then your baby may have suffered from NEC.

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Treatment Options

NEC can quickly escalate from mild symptoms to fatal. Some babies will recover fully from NEC, while some will have lifelong complications. However, immediate treatment at the first signs is important. You should speak to your doctor for the best recommendations to most appropriately treat your infant’s condition. 

Why Romano Law Group?

Our firm has been at the forefront of the infant formula lawsuits, filing one of the first in the country. Attorney John Romano is on the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee and is one of the three national co-chairs of the American Association for Justice Infant Formula – NEC Litigation Group.

If you have an infant that was harmed due to ingesting cow’s milk-based formula, we can help you. In mass tort cases like this, preserving evidence is of utmost importance. Our attorneys can guide you in the process, answer your important questions and help hold the manufacturers responsible for any harm that occurred to your baby.

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