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Motorcycle accident injuries tend to be more severe than other auto accidents because these motorcycles lack the structural protection of cars. As a result, motorcyclists often sustain brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and more.

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Florida is a no-fault state. And although automobile drivers must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance, PIP is optional for motorcyclists. Since many motorcyclists do not carry PIP, medical bills and expenses following an accident will fall either on the other driver's liability insurance or on the motorcyclist's own health insurance. Romano Law Group is there through the entire journey to guide you through the legal hurdles motorcyclists may face following a crash.

Why Navigate Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Case
with a Romano Law Group Attorney

With vast experience in multi-faceted investigations, our experienced motorcycle injury attorneys will explore all viable, legal solutions to ensure you and your family receive the compensation and representation you deserve.


Assess other drivers awareness and attention to motorcycles


Determine if driver decisions are aligned with rules of the road


Visual obstacles, blind spots, lighting and human factors


Assess state laws surrounding helmet requirements


Design, manufacturing, and maintenance negligence


Road conditions including weather & construction

Case Investigation

Our experienced personal injury attorneys and trusted private investigators work together to establish fault during the development of your case. 



Oftentimes, drivers of other vehicles are not as cautious of motorcycles as they should be. Automobile drivers may follow too closely or become distracted and unaware of your presence on the road. They may also underestimate the danger of road debris or an uneven surface and not allow enough space for you to maneuver.

  • Difficulty paying medical bills and navigating insurance claims
  • Motorcycle endorsement required on Florida license
  • Increased percentage of hit and run probability
  • DUIs and injuries sustained at Bike Week, rallies and festivals

Motorcycle Verdicts & Settlements

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