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Pedestrian accidents are usually preventable, as it is often the negligence of the driver that leaves the pedestrian suffering. When a person is unexpectedly struck by a motor vehicle, the results are often catastrophic.

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After a pedestrian accident you may be facing large medical expenses, lost wages and an uncertain future. Romano Law Group attorneys are experienced at fighting for victims who are injured on foot, while cycling or on any wheeled recreational craft by a negligent driver. We think the key to good legal representation is preparation. Our hands-on team and in-house investigator work in partnership with our attorneys to closely examine the details of your accident, and we will fight aggressively to help you recover fair compensation from those who harmed you.

Why Navigate Your Pedestrian Injury Case
with a Romano Law Group Attorney

With vast experience in multi-faceted investigations, our experienced pedestrian accident injury attorneys will explore all viable, legal solutions to ensure you and your family receive the compensation and representation you deserve.

Driver Awareness

Assess driver competency and decision-making

Nighttime Visbility

Address roadway, driver, and environment lighting

Right of Way Precedents

Determine if driver decisions are aligned with rules of the road

Construction Zones

Determine the safety, signage and setup of work zones

Vehicle Defects

Dive into the vehicle parts, products & efficiency

Weather Conditions

Weigh the influence of weather on driving conditions

Case Investigation

Our experienced accident injury attorneys and trusted private investigators work together to establish fault during the development of your case. 


Many Florida roads were constructed to suit the needs of vehicular traffic. Pedestrians are at a natural disadvantage and stand to lose the most when struck by any type of moving vehicle. Pedestrian injuries are often severe, including brain injuries, spinal injuries, paralysis and loss of life. If you are hit by a driver who flees the scene or who has insufficient insurance, your uninsured motorist (UM) coverage may provide important benefits.


  • Channeling of pedestrian traffic within a construction site
  • Negligent drivers crashing into homes, storefronts or restaurants
  • Car dealerships, parking lots & valet drivers
  • Premises liability coverage, facility that creates visible obstruction
  • Inadequate or malfunctioning lighting issues
  • Vehicle ownership issues, rideshare, delivery, rental etc.
  • Adequacy of sidewalks, crosswalks, and pedestrian zones

Mobile Pedestrian Accidents

Due to the inherent lack of protection on a bicycle or small recreational ride, many such accidents have tragic outcomes. Mobile pedestrian options are rapidly being introduced as a cost efficient alternative to driving. We routinely share the road with bicycles, scooters, mopeds and skateboards. Increasingly we see Segway, bike shares, e-scooters, and pedal party bikes, all of which create new dangers.

Golf carts are also popular on Florida’s secondary roads. Often seen as a nuisance around town, many drivers race past and swerve around a slower moving golf cart. With no active restraints, passengers are easily ejected and susceptible to dangerous rollovers.


  • Increased percentage of hit and run probability
  • Difficulty paying medical bills and navigating insurance claims
  • Improper barriers separating sidewalk or pedestrian area
  • Establishing Right of Way issues, person vs. vehicle
  • Crosswalk signals, missing traffic devices or stop signage
  • Visual obstructions, overgrown hedges, blindspot factors
  • Pedestrian texting, comparable negligence
  • Helmet and driver’s license requirements & restrictions

Verdicts & Settlements

Wrongful Death

Palm Beach County
Crane truck ran over and killed pedestrian in crosswalk

Wrongful Death

Pinellas County, FL
Commercial truck struck pedestrian in crosswalk, resulting in traumatic brain injury and subsequent death

Pedestrian Injury

Collier County
Woman run over by armored truck in bank parking lot

Pedestrian Injury

Palm Beach County
Pedestrian hit by car in parking lot

Personal Injury

Broward County, FL
Bicycle crash in North Carolina resulting in traumatic brain injury to 13-year old boy

Personal Injury

Palm Beach County, FL
Motor vehicle versus pedestrian in parking lot resulting in non-surgical tibial plateau fracture to elderly client

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