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Today, trucking companies often put profits ahead of safety, resulting in an increase in the number of truck accidents on our roadways. Truck accidents can cause severe injuries that can traumatize you and your family for years to come. 

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After a truck crash, the trucking company usually has representatives on the scene in minutes, putting victims at a severe disadvantage. These "Rapid Response Teams" consist of corporate lawyers, investigators and insurance representatives whose job is to protect the company in the minutes and hours after a crash. They have immediate access to important evidence, including dash cam footage, GPS data, EDR (black box) modules, and more. It's not uncommon for such important evidence to be overlooked or "disappear" quickly when it's not favorable to the trucking company. By contacting an attorney immediately after a crash, you are more likely to preserve crucial evidence necessary to fully evaluating your case.

Why Navigate Your Trucking Accident Case
with a Romano Law Group Attorney

With vast experience in complex investigations, our experienced trucking accident attorneys will explore all viable, legal solutions to ensure you and your family receive the compensation and representation you deserve.

Driver Fatigue

Examine the fitness if the driver and potential of forced dispatch

Driver Qualifications

Assess hiring process & background of truck driver

Data & Technology

Collect evidence from GPS, dash cams, EDRs, black boxes, etc.

Interstate vs Intrastate

Navigate the complexities of Federal and State regulations

Manufacturer Defects

Dive into the vehicle parts, products & efficiency

Loading and Unloading

Determine if improper loading and unloading procedures occurred

Case Investigation

Our experienced personal injury attorneys and trusted private investigators work together to establish fault during the development of your case. 

Tractor Trailer

Tractor trailer cases are often complex. You may have to contend with the trucking company, its insurance company, the truck driver, the owner of the trailer and the manufacturer of the truck and its components.


Immediate medical care may involve fire rescue paramedics, emergency room personnel, neurologists and surgeons. Once your initial medical needs are met, you and your family may be faced with a mountain of medical bills, lost wages and follow up care.

  • Combat teams of corporate attorneys
  • Driver carelessness and fatigue
  • Gain access to area security cameras
  • Unsecured loads creating debris
  • Federal motor carrier safety regulation violations
  • Improperly balanced & shifting loads
  • Inadequate hiring & entrustment of vehicle
  • Obtain data from tracking devices, GPS, EDRs, etc.


Towing accidents are common in the state of Florida with a large influx of people migrating from out of state and an increased number of roadway mishaps. This particular type of accident encompasses both commercial and private parties.

Drivers of private vehicles towing boats, trailers, or other vehicles often lack the knowledge and experience to secure and tow the load safely.


Frequently, inexperience and negligence play a large part in these Florida roadway crashes.

  • Personal car, truck, or SUV towing another vehicle, boat or personal watercraft
  • RV or rented moving truck towing a vehicle 
  • Vehicle using a flatbed trailer tow
  • Towing another vehicle using a rope or a chain
  • Improper securing of load
  • Misalignment of wheels 
  • Inadequate maintenance of trailer components or tires
  • Turn radius unfamiliarity and lane encroachment

Utility and Crane Truck

One of the main challenges in a utility truck accident is establishing the employment status of the driver. Just because a company logo is on their vehicle and uniform has little bearing on whether they are an independent contractor or employed by the company.

Identifying the liable party in a utility truck collision and focusing efforts in the right direction can sometimes be confusing and time consuming.


  • Direct Driver neglience
  • Unqualified or insufficiently trained drivers
  • Negligent entrustment of vehicles
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Prior moving violations
  • Lack of crane operation training
  • Rigging mishaps
  • Post-storm assistance from out-of-state crews

Box and Delivery Truck

Overworked and underpaid drivers are under mounting pressure daily to deliver a staggering supply of furniture, appliances, online purchases and provisions to homes and businesses, especially during peak shopping seasons. With increasing demand for fast delivery, the risks of a crash are also increasing.


  • Improperly loaded and secured cargo
  • Inadequately screened & trained drivers
  • Unfamiliarity with local roadways
  • Carelessness and negligent driving
  • Driver pressure to make quick deliveries
  • Data from tracking devices, GPS, EDRs, etc.
  • National and regional insurance company pressure
  • Independent contractor or corporate liability

Verdicts & Settlements

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