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Romano Law Group files suit in Miramar for corrosive water

For years, residents in the City of Miramar have struggled with costly and ongoing plumbing repairs in their homes due to their copper pipes becoming compromised as a result of corrosive water. Many residents have suffered mold and water damage to their homes and the extremely costly task of re-piping of their homes.

Class Action Suit against the City of Miramar and its Experts

Romano Law Group has joined forces with Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of Miramar residents. The claim comes after years of residents incurring substantial damage to their homes due to the corrosion of their copper pipes. The lawsuit claims that the damage is caused by improper water treatment which is causing copper piped to corrode from the inside, resulting in leaks. The lawsuit further alleges that the City and its outside consultants were aware of the problems, yet failed to take the appropriate steps which continued to cause irreversible damage to the piping infrastructure.

“The City of Miramar has abandoned its residents at every step of this process,” said lead counsel Leslie Kroeger, partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll. “This situation could have been avoided, but the City along with professional engineering companies allowed improperly treated water to corrode the pipes of homeowners across Miramar, exacting a huge financial toll on many residents. The negligence by both the City of Miramar and the professional engineering companies has caused massive property damage.  We look forward to fighting hard to bring about justice to the homeowners who have been so terribly harmed.

History of Issues

The issues with the copper pipes are caused by the City creating corrosive water. The City of Miramar has denied responsibility and attempted to shift blame elsewhere. Instead of doing the right thing, the City told affected homeowners they need to pay for the costly repairs themselves. To add insult to injury, the City offered loans to homeowners who need to make repairs.

This class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the homeowners by Corey Friedman of Romano Law Group and Leslie Kroger of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll.

If your plumbing has been damaged by corrosive water supplied by the City of Miramar, you may be entitled to compensation in this class action lawsuit. Please contact us at 561-533-6700.

*Please note that at this time there is no information to suggest that the water provided by the City of West Miramar is unsafe for consumption.

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